Last night, Wendy Davis solidified herself as a hero of women across America when she attempted a 13-hour filibuster that would kill a controversial Texan abortion bill.

In accordance with Texas rules, Davis was required to speak continuously (and on-topic), forbidden to lean against something for support, or take a break to visit the bathroom or eat.

With just two hours left in the senate’s special session—and eleven hours of speaking—Davis’ filibuster was brought to an end after three warnings by Lt. Governer David Dewhurst. However, after considerable stalling by Democrats, and almost continuous applause from supporters in the senate galley, the vote was not completed by the midnight deadline, thus accomplishing the initial objective of Davis’ action.

Here are some leadership lessons to take away from Davis’s big stand:

  • You can pull yourself up by your bootstraps.
  • Don’t be swayed. By anything.
  • Stand up for what you believe in, and don’t back down. 

[Image: Eric Gay | AP images]